Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Shock jock" Slater vs. mayoral candidate Alvarez; Bill Cunningham admits hatespeech=revenues

In this episode, KFMB AM's exuberant know-nothing Mike Slater gets his feelings hurt when San Diego mayoral candidate David Alvarez rejects him as a debate moderator and calls him a "shock jock." So Slater lashes out at Alvarez, calling him a liar on air, saying Alvarez is in a "dream world" and "refuses to let reality get in the way" like "so many on the left."
The Cyber Lady Robot of Truth debates Roger Hedgecock on Obamacare job effects.
Then the syndicated venom of unsavory Ohioan Bill Cunningham gets a good going over--from his battles with moderate Republican John McCain to his insane lies (Obama "wants to gas the Jews") and hatespeech ("a typical black father, right after the birth, he left the baby. That's what black fathers do, they simply leave").
In the middle we have part two of our interview with talk radio expert Michael Harrison of he affably rejects the premise of Local Media Monitor!
The song break is "Warship" by San Diego band Big Sid and the Wiggle.
Full episode:

Michael Harrison interview, part 2:

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